SAKEMARU Review Promotion - Get U.S. National Sake Appraisal Ginjo Winner and Doubled Invitation Credit-


Share how you enjoyed SAKEMARU’s limited sake, and get special gift! 2nd SAKEMARU review promotion has been just started on 27 November. It’s very simple but you will get more chance to enjoy additional special sake. You just need to review the monthly sake or service and share it through Facebook or instagram or blog with picture.
Some people can get the chance to receive additional special sake in December. Please check the following guide to join this challenge and share your review to your friends!!

In the same time, we will offer the doubled invitation credit for host and guest. ($10→$20 for Guest, $5→$10 for Host)It’s effective from 27 November to 25 December. Let's invite your friends and get your next sake discounted.

How to Participate

1) Taste SAKEMARU’s monthly sake

2) Write the review and share through Facebook or instagram or blog
*Regulation to share
- Instagram|Photo and comment with #sakemaru
- Facebook |Post photo and comment on SAKEMARU Facebook page with @sakemaru.me
- Blog |Please be aware to include sakemaru in the blog title and picture

3) Winners will receive the prize with the sake of December
*Winners will receive the prize without prior announcement.


27 November - 31 December 2016


1) U.S. National Sake Appraisal Ginjo Winner Gokeiji Junmaiginjo 720ml from Aokishuzo(for 2 members)

This sake also won Junmaiginjo grade of IWC 2016. The aroma is gorgeous and fruity. Elegant sweetness evokes the premium melon.

2) SAKEMARU’s special sake 720ml (for 2 members)
*To know more about U.S. National Sake Appraisal



Doubled Invitation Credit Promotion

1) Promotion
$10→$20 for Guest
$5→$10 for Host

2) Period
27 November - 25 December 2016

2) How to invite
Please check the this page