Boruto - Interior unified under dark colour, soft and dim lighting does not bother this atmosphere.


At the corner of the city centre, there is a modern Izakaya called “Boruto” with good taste of lounge music.
Boruto is opened by Chef Patrick Tan, who also owns Tamashii Robataya, the premium Japanese Robatayaki restaurant located at North Canal Road.
According to Patrick, “Boruto” means “vault” in Japanese pronunciation, at the Sake bar on second floor,
there is a former bank’s vault strategically retained and refurbished for both aesthetic and functional purposes.


Ground floor is a tapas bar offering casual dining experience of Japanese European fusion cuisine by Head Chef Angus Chow leading the team at Boruto.
Interior unified under dark colour, soft and dim lighting does not bother this atmosphere.
If someone tells me that this place is in the middle of Manhattan, I won’t be surprised.
This proves that sake culture become classy in Singapore.


I had their special course for sake pairing. Starter was oyster with yuzu sauce, seaweed and a hint of wasabi.
These ingredients blend on tongue gently. Mutsu Hassen Daiginjo has mild pear like aroma, mixture of sweet, sour and bitter flavour goes smoothly into my throat.
Aroma of sake and oyster blend well, and sweetness in Sake stands out.


Then, I had seared tuna with yuzu, olive, chili and granted radish.
Chili taste comes after umami of tuna and sourness of yuzu, and bite of chili fit well with numbness on tongue made by the Sake.


I changed Sake to Yamamoto Junmai Ginjo from Akita prefecture.
This Sake made with organic rice has, bland aroma, thick texture, sweet and bitter taste expand in mouth.
A dish to go with this sake was rice cracker with avocado and pulled pork, potato with seasoned cod roe.
Rice cracker has mixture of crispy and soft texture, and more I chew sourness and umami of pulled pork emerges.
Potato has soft and tender taste that both dishes let overall sake taste stand well.


Followed by butter grilled scallop with cauliflower puree, and hint of curry powder has gentle taste.
Murashige Honoshita Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki 45, from Yamaguchi prefecture has sweet sour bland aroma with simple yet strong mix taste.
Bitterness of sake and scallop umami brings out each flavour well.
Grilled chicken wrapping shiitake has crispy skin, meat umami and sweetness of shiitake blend well when you chew.


I had one of my favourite sake, Nabeshima Junmai Daiginjo with this dish.
Bland aroma, bitter-sweetness burst in the mouth, and this continues to the end of throat.
There is also a slight hint of wood barrel flavour as well. And this Sake pulls out umami of the chicken.


Last plate was cold vermicelli noodle in truffle sauce, raw egg, fried shrimp, and caviar.
Thick textured noodle blend well with truffle and umami taste expand slowly in my mouth.
Notably the fried shrimp texture was a great contrast to the noodle.
Hakurou dry taste special Junmai has light cedar aroma and taste with strong sourness, then bitterness remain in mouth.
Taste of sake is rather opposite to the noodle, and sourness of sake ties them together.


Dessert was very Warabi mochi with macha powder, smoothly melt on tongue.
Homemade Plum sake’s sweet and sourness brings sweetness of the dessert elegantly.
Boruto has some other homemade fruit sake as well, and they are worth trying for.


This modern Izakaya filled with full of ideas and creation in each and every dishes.
Of course the taste, texture, selection and combination of ingredients and aesthetic in presentation. Service is sophisticated and gentle.
There are many rare premium sake carefully stored in the chiller await your visit.
This place is recommended from special occasion to party event at second floor.
However you spend time there, you will enjoy sophisticated sake delicacy!

80 S Bridge Rd, #01-01 Golden Castle Building, Singapore 058710

Operating Hours
Mon - Sat
4:30pm - 12:00mn
(last order: 11:30pm)