Important announcement of delivery in December|Change of general delivery schedule, Please don't forget to specify delivery date and time

We have got an announcement as for the delivery of December. Please allow us to change the general delivery date from 25 to 21 Dec. This change won't effect to members specifiy date by 15 Dec.(Also won't effect to the members have already specified own delivery )

Our transport company Yamato informed us that the quantity of parcel they need to deliver in this year end will exceed their capacity.

We know some of members had already faced troubles in delivery. We are very sorry for your inconvenience but we are sure that delivering your sake little earlier than usual is the best way to avoid troubles in delivery.

According to this change, general delivery date will be on 21 Dec, however all member can still specify the delivery date and time from Dec 21 to 10 Jan.
Some of members might consider to drink the December sake in special occasion. Please don't forget to specify the delivery date and time by 15 Dec.

Again, we highly apologize for your inconvenience, however we believe this change will avoid troubles in delivery of December.Your kind understanding will be very appreciated.

Please check the following steps to specify the delivery date and time.

2) Go to your personal page
3) Click the SELECT button of delivery area
4) At the next page, you can select the date and time of delivery