Merry Christmas! Special pairing recipe, Japanese rice pizza for Christmas Pairs with Daina


Merry Christmas! How will you celebrate Christmas in this year? Christmas is basically western event, but why not sake!?

Sake nouveau of Daina has very fresh and clean taste and the very fruity aroma. This Japanese rice pizza uses miso instead of tomato sauce. When you have this pizza after drinking Daina, Miso gives the richness to Daina's clean finish. With best wishes for Merry Christmas!!


・300g Steamed rice
・1/4 tsp Salt
・5g Butter
・1 Egg yolk
・2 tbsp Miso + 1 Tbsp Mayonnaise
・120g Cheese
・1 tbsp Olive oil
・4 tsp Pepper
・1 tbsp Flour

・40g Egg plant
・40g Paprika
・5 Cherry tomatoes
・30g Mushroom
・30g Boiled broccoli
・50g Boiled sweet potato

How to cook

1. Mix butter, salt, egg yolk and flour with rice well
2. Press and flatten 1
3. Bake 2 for 8 mins at 200℃ in the oven
4. Mix miso and mayonnaise and plaster it on 3
5. Put cheese on 4
6. Put vegetables on 5
7. Add pepper and olive oil on 6
8. Bake 2 for 15 mins at 220℃ in the oven