"Osechi & Otoso" Special Food and Drink in New Year, To Make New Year More Healthy and Fruitful


Happy new year! SAKEMARU wishes 2017 will be more fruitful year for all the sake lovers than last year.
We are looking forward to offer more delicious sake to our customers in this year. The first article is about new year of Japan. New year is the most important time to spend newly started year more happily. Lots of events are taken place to wish family’s more healthy and glorious life.

Each family prepares special food which is called “Osechi” in this season. This tradition has been continuing for more than 100 years. Each special food has special meaning and all of them wish family’s more healthy and glorious life. The content of Osechi varies by region and family, however, the feeling to cherish each one’s family is all same.

Sake is also necessary drink in this kind of important event. After new year, you can see that numerous empty sake bottle pile up in front of house. To purge noxious vapors and wish the heathy and fruitful year, we drink the holy sake which is called お屠蘇(otoso).
Otoso is flavored sake added various kind of spices. It’s very simple to cook. We will introduce how to cook it.

Special meaning of each “osechi”

【1st layer】

・Kamaboko:This is boiled fish paste. The shape of Kamaboko indicates sunrise. Red means glory and happiness, white means holy
・Datemaki:Academic achievement
・Nishiki egg:Liken to gold, silver and brocade
・Black beans:Work honestly and steadily
・Kurikinton:Richness and luck to win
・Rolled kelp with salmon:Health and longevity
・Candied dried sardines:Bumper crops
・Salted herring roe:Be blessed with children, prosperity of descendants

【2nd layer】

・Simmered shrimp:Shrimp is the symbol of longevity
・Namasu:Red and white is the sign of happiness
・Mastumaezuke:Squid is necessary in case of a matter for congratulation
・Kikuhanakabu:Radish is shaped into chrysanthemum which is the symbol of happiness

【3rd layer】

・Simmered lotus root:Pure plant exists in the heaven buddha lives
・Simmered taro:Be blessed with children
・Simmered shiitake:An offering made to Buddha
・Simmered konjak:Take precautions and prepare for hard time in the life
・Simmered carrot:Carrot is shaped into the flower of plum tree which is considered as a lucky charm
・Simmered bamboo shoot:Advancement in life, Healthy growth of children

How to cook “otoso”


・2-3 Cinnamon stick
・1 Star anise
・4 Cardamon
・8 Clove
・2 Orange peal
・8 Sichuan pepper
・1 pack Black pepper
・300g Sake
・100g Mirin