Copper on Stanley, Sake Bar with Unique Yet Modern Design



There is a sake bar with unique yet modern design at Telok Ayer district called “Copper on Stanley”.
This bar is a renovation of old shop-house with digital display of goldfish, sake on tap, interior based on copper and hexagonal shaped furniture, all lighted under dim light.
Only element suggesting image of Japan is their mini plates, chop sticks and sake.
This is a good proof that sake culture departed from Japan and is becoming something original in Singapore.


Owner of the bar, Felicia said the modern interior of the bar is intended to make easy access for sake beginners.
There is often a case that sake beginner finds it hard to distinguish sake taste.
For example, dry taste in sake does not match with dry taste of wine.
For this kind of matter, this bar assists them to try various taste of sake at reasonable price with clear explanation by Felicia.


Type of sake you can enjoy on tap constantly changes, so it is good to check frequently for what is available there.
There are also about 120 types of sake bottles available from small yet attractive sake brewers.

I tired some sake from the tap. First one was signature sake from Saga prefecture, “Nabeshima summer moon” as refreshment.
Light satsuma like sweet and sour aroma, bland taste but unique umami taste and numbness expands at the end of tongue.

The bar had special bottle opened for warm sake. Tedorigawa, Yamahai Junmai has bland sweet aroma, then bodied bitter, sour and sweet taste, gradually spiciness reaching to my throat. The taste of sake gets richer as time goes by also.


Then I tried some sake from the tap to pair with food.”
Tenzan Junmai Genshu” from Saga prefecture, has bland aroma with caramel like strong sweetness.
“Kita Alps Junmai” is from Nagano prefecture, with light taste with matured sweetness.
“Kikuzakari special Junmia” is also from Nagano prefecture with glue like aroma, elegant bitter sweetness goes through my tongue remaining sweetness in mouth.


Foods to go with sake were pork belly ban, miso on grilled egg plant, and Otah Wonton.
The pork belly ban matched well with sake for its fat, and sweetness of ban.
Tenzan was the best match with sweetness of meat and ban.
Miso on grilled eggplant beautifully decorated on a plate help to amplify bitter sweetness of sake, especially with Kikuzakari.
Otah Wonton, has refreshing lime sourness, crispy skin, chili and rich mackerel taste blend well with sourness of sake.
Kita Alps has good match with chili taste and bittersweet taste of sake blend well in after taste.

From local to Japanese sake lover, sake beginner, and one who wants to try variety of good and unique sake, this is the place to spend rich night at Telok Ayer.

Copper on Stanley
3 Stanley St, Singapore 068722

Operating Hours
Mon – Fri
17:00 - 00:00
20:00 - 00:00