SAKE is One of the Best Alcohol for Female from the Health Care Point of View?


Alcohol is one of the best partner to have a great time with your friends, lovers and family. Of course, drinking by yourself in the bar or house is sometimes great to organize our brain.
We drinkers believe alcohol makes our life more attractive, exciting and creative. In the same time, it is true that most of people must have several unforgettable memories caused from drinking too much, which we basically do not have the conscious at all when the unforgettable things are happening.

Drinking too much alcohol is definitely wasting our money and damaging our health. We need to control the amount of alcohol to drink with considering our physical condition. Besides, we need to understand every alcohol drink makes our body temperature down. If our body temperature is keeping low, our muscle gets shrunk and our immunity goes down in parallel. Because of these negative effects, we will be very easy to catch a cold and our body will be very stiff.
Especially women are affected negatively more than men by drinking alcohol, since the amount of muscle which generates 40% of calorie in entire our body is normally less than men have. It is also said that woman’s body is easy to get cold due to the period which brings the loss of so much delivering the calorie entire our body every month.


So,,,,,,,, How can the alcohol lover like me enjoy alcohol healthily??

The answer is SAKE!!!

SAKE is the no.1 alcohol difficult to affect our body temperature.
Let’s get started to learn the theory!!

Cooling Effect to Body Temperature by Alcohol Type

The difference of effects to our body by different kind of alcohol drinks

Before explaining the theory, I would like to touch upon the difference of effects to our body by different kind of alcohol drinks. As I said above, every alcohol drink makes our body temperature down, which is caused from sudden rise of body temperature after drinking alcohol. The high calorie alcohol contains is very easy to burn in our body and the acetaldehyde which is produced on the way to decompose the alcohol makes our blood vessel wide and improve blood circulation, so that we feel very hot quickly.

However, this effect doesn’t last long. Moreover, the body temperature goes down rapidly after several hours and it is sometimes lower than what it was before drinking alcohol.
Is the said that distilled alcohol is easier to make our body cold than brewed alcohol does. Since distilled alcohol such as Whisky, Vodka and Tequila normally have higher alcohol content than brewed alcohol like Wine, Sake and Beer, its higher calorie burns more quickly and make our body temperature up more instantly.

Rice Koji

The theory

SAKE retains our body warm longer than distilled alcohol, since it contains adenosine which restrains the blood vessel constricted, and keep the improved blood circulation influenced by acetaldehyde.

It is also said that sake contains more nutrients than others.(Some said sake contains about 700 kind of nutrients!!) Sake has a lot of vitamin, peptide, mineral and Amino acid which is 10 to 20 times of wine.
The reason has not been scientifically proven, however, lots of people say the power of KOJI is contributing SAKE to be a special drink.

Drink sake wisely

Now you understand sake is one of the best alcohol for our health, however sake is still alcohol after all. To enjoy sake with keeping our body health, I would like to introduce 3 simple ideas.


1.Start drinking with warm SAKE
When we stay in the building, our bodies are always cooled by the air conditioner’s artificial cold air, however the outside is super hot and humid especially in the summer. Because of this sudden temperature change, we might be more tired than we expect. Please hold your feeling to drink beer back, and try starting with warm SAKE which rises your inside body temperature mildly.


2.Drink same amount of water
Drinking water is very simple but super effective way to decrease the blood concentration of alcohol. Also since liver must needs tons of water to decompose the alcohol, we are very easy to get hydrated after drinking alcohol. Drinking water avoids us to be hydrated as well.


3.Eat with root vegetable and ram or beef
The selection of food is also effective to keep our body temperature warm. When you drink alcohol, it is good to choose some food make us warm. Root vegetables, ram and beef are some of the best ingredients to warm us up!

Enjoy SAKE with taking care of yourself!!