Pairing Tempoichi "天寶一" with Minced Chiken and Tofu Tsukune


Tempoichi's characteristic is its very soft and rounded sweetness and the clear finish. Gentle and soft taste food will be a good partner of this label.

With using tofu to make Tsukune, Not only taste but also its texture becomes much more soft and gentle than using only chicken. This is a similar taste pairing.


【Chicken ball】
・180g Chicken breast
・150g Firm tofu
・1 Egg
・1/4 Tsp Salt
・1 Tbsp Starch
・1 Tsp Sesame
・2 Tbsp Leek

・3 Tbsp Soy sauce
・3 Tbsp Mirin
・3 Tbsp Sake
・2 Tbsp Sugar

How to cook

1. Mince chicken breast
2. Add tofu and mince it again
3. Add sake, egg and starch and mix
4. Add leek and sesame and mix it
5. Round it
6. Bake one side with pan and steam the other side for 5-7 mins
7. Mix sake, mirin, soy sauce and sugar and fry with pan
8. Put baked Tsukune in the sauce and dress lightly