Dosukoi Sake Bar, Atmosphere Reminding of Popular Izakaya


Next to “Donpachi”, the Sake Bar previously introduced, there is another Sake Bar called “Dosukoi Sake Bar” managed by the same owner.

As the bar locates inside the Cuppage plaza, it opens till four in the morning. There is a peak hour at ten PM and one AM with Sake hopping people, people waiting for karaoke, regular customers, and many other different kind of people come and enjoy food and alcohol at the bar. Anyway, this bar is a familiar place for Japanese residents.


When I enter the bar, there is an atmosphere reminding me of popular Izakaya for local residents in Japan. This is made with nostalgic posters, Japanese side dishes placed on a counter, Japanese TV show, and the bar master with open hearted hospitality.


When you make a visit to the bar, I recommend you start with Lager beer “Suntory premium malts”. This bar has a good reputation of serving beer well.

Instead, I had Sake from Akita prefecture “Yuki no Bousya” served chill. An elegant banana like aroma, sweet and sourness taste expand in the middle of tongue, and then mild numbness appears. This is great Sake both for aperitif and Liquor in food.


I had tuna and Chinese cabbage with sesame source. It has soft and moist texture of cabbage gently covered by sesame and tuna taste, that bitter sourness of Sake stand up.

The other plate was dried radish strips. It was stewed in soy source and sweet sake, has good texture, and after taste of ginger, that sweet and sourness of sake matches well.


Following plate was their signature dish, bitter gourd mix with pork (Goya Champru).

Umami of grilled egg and pork, bitterness of gourd, saltiness of dried bonito, match well with Sake and let caramel like bitter sweetness stand up.


Second sake I had was “Nakaya” from Shizuoka prefecture.
Vanilla like aroma, well-aged taste with sourness, and this taste gradually expand on tongue with its thick texture. There is also a slight taste remind me of a bailey.


The last bite for this pairing session was stamina don. Taste of pork belly, ginger, egg, and soy source finish with seaweed scent and literally after some bites give me stamina!

Sweetness of sake stands out with this plate.


Anytime you visit here, the master welcomes you. If you have not had a chance to visit there, it is worthwhile stepping in!

Dosukoi Sake Bar
5 Koek Road #B1-24/25 Cuppage Plaza 228796

Operating Hours
Mon - Sat
06:00PM - 04:00AM