Pairing Mutsuhassen "陸奥八仙" with Sake lees cheese cake


The most attractive characteristic of Mutsuhassen is its unique milky aroma. Since this sake is bottled right after pressing directly from sake cask, the liquid contains melted rice a little and its taste is little sweet. However, the finish is clean and dry.

This unique aroma is the hint of this pairing. With adding sake lees in the cheese cake, sake’s decent scent comes after the milky scent influenced by cheese. The nature of sweetness between sake and cake is very similar. Let’s take a sip after having one bite of cake. It’s perfect marriage.


・70g Graham cracker
・50g Butter
・100g Cream cheese
・50g Sake lees
・100g Heavy cream
・50g Sugar
・Tbsp 1 Lemon juice
・5g Gelatin
 (10cc Hot water)

How to cook

1. Crash crackers and mix with milted butter
2. Flaten 1 on a dish
3. Mix cream cheese, sake lees, sugar and lemon juice
4. Dissolve gelatin in hot water and add 3 and mix again
5. Rest 4 in the fridge for 3 hours
6. Add 5 on 2