Happy 1st anniversary

Back by lots of sake lovers, SAKEMARU has just become 1 year old. We are very excited to keep offering various kind of sake to members through out a year.

It would be very happy for all the member would enjoy our selection so far. To provide more benefit for sake lovers, SAKEMARU will improve the service quality and start new service in this year.
Please expect SAKEMARU’s future activities!!
To commemorate 1st anniversary, a promotion has been started. Please check the following detail!

1st anniversary discount

Offer discount for newly subscribe users. Please check the following discount rate and enjoy and learn sake more with us!!

Period:3 - 28 Feb
Basic plan $8 OFF
Special plan $12 OFF
Premium plan $15 OFF

Present sake lees

Present sake lees to all the SAKEMARU members as of 15 Feb. This sake lees was produced by Funaki shuzo which produces February’s premium sake. Please check SAKEMARU’s sake lees recipe to enjoy more!

Present:Sake lees 30-50g from Funaki shuzo
Period:3 - 15 Feb
Delivery:25 Feb(Deliver with sake of Feb)
*Know more about sake lees