Pairing Gangi "雁木" with Sake lees and soy milk gratin


Gangi has the rich umami in spite of fresh sake nouveau. That is why it's possible to pair with foods which have relatively intensive taste.

Gratin is usually very rich and oily due to lots of milk, cheese and butter. With using soy milk and sake lees, taste becomes more natural and gentle with keeping its richness. Pairing becomes far easier than normal gratin.


・200g Chicken breast
・Salt & Pepper
・1 Tbsp Sake
・1 Tbsp Flour
・1/2 Onion
・100g Shimeji
・1 Tbsp Oil
・1 Tbsp Butter
・Tbsp 2.5 Flour
・300cc Soy milk
・40g Sake lees
・1 Tbsp Miso
・1/4 Tsp Salt
・120g Cheese
・2 Tbsp Parmesan

How to cook

1. Season chicken breast with salt, pepper, sake and flour with
2. Fry 1 with pan and add salt and pepper
3. Add onion, Shimeji in 2 and fry with
4. Add flour, soy milk and soy in this order
5. Turn stove off and pour 4 in a ceramic container
6. Cheese on 5 and bake 15 mins in 230℃ oven