3 Keywords Sake Maniacs Must Know, Arabashiri 荒走り, Nakagami 中汲み, Seme 責め


It is commonly said that sake is a living thing in the sake world. The tiny difference of production process gives very huge gap against its taste. In addition to the quality of rice and water, the creativity of brewers expands the range of sake’s taste.

In the very last step of brewing process, the moromi is put in the meshed-bag and pressed to squeeze the liquid of sake out. The sake comes out first is called Arabashiri(荒走り), sake coming out in the middle is called Nakagami(中汲み) and the last drip is called Seme(責め). It’s very unique and the taste is very different among 3 of them, even though those 3 are produced in the same process and tank.

Usually, breweries mix those 3 types of sake and bottle as a single label. That is why it’s very rare experience to enjoy the difference. Let’s deepdive into the difference of each type of sake. This topic is little bit too maniac but I’m sure real sake lovers would love to know.

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Difference between Arabashiri 荒走り, Nakagami 中汲み, Seme 責め

『Arabashiri 荒走り』

Taste:Wild and fresh
Aroma:Gorgeous, Fruity
Alcohol content:Relatively lower than Seme 責め

As soon as brewers put sake bags in the sake cask, the first part of sake is come out by its own weight. This very natural sake is called Arabashiri 荒走り. This part tends to contain rice solid a little. Since this part never be under an influence of oxidization, the aroma tends to be more fruity and gorgeous. The taste is fresher and drier than others. Fresh and fruity is the attractiveness of this part.


『Nakagami 中汲み』

Taste:Mild and balanced
Alcohol content:Relatively higher than Arabashiri 荒走り

After Arabashiri 荒走り, sake bags are piled up and more sake is come out by the weight of sake bags above. This part is the most well-balanced with regard to both taste and aroma. It’s commonly said that Nakagami 中汲み is most popular part and brewers usually use it for contents.
*It’s sometimes called Nakadori 中取り, Nakadate 中垂れ.


『Seme 責め』

Taste:Complex and rich
Alcohol content:Relatively higher than others

After Nakagami 中汲み, sake bags are pressed and the last drip is come out. Both taste and aroma are heavier and more complex than others. To compare with others, this part is for advanced sake drinkers. There are even seme 責め maniacs in Japan. I’m sure this is the part we can encounter another face of sake the most.


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