Sake Nouveau Special Tasting Event at SUN with MOON on 26 Mar at 3:00 pm


Breweries normally produce sake in only Winter. There are many kinds of limited edition in this season. To expand your knowledge and experience about sake, please make good use of SAKEMARU’s special event.
We will have 2 special events with different themes in March and April. Firstly, the application of event in March has just started.

Enjoy the difference of cloudy and clear type sake,
Learn how the rice brand gives influence against the taste of sake

  SAKEMARU Tasting Workshop will be Sunday 26 March 3pm at the SUN with MOON (501 Orchard Road,  #03-15) with a selection of 5 sake nouveau from SAKEMARU and 5 finger foods offered by SUN with MOON for pairing.

Participants can enjoy the difference between clear and cloudy type. In addition to the cloudy sake, you can learn how the rice brand gives influence against the taste of sake by tasting 2 different labels produced with different brewery rice. 

1. Basic guidance of sake
2. Sake tasting workshop with tasting sheet and aroma kit
3. Tips to enjoy sake(Brewery rice, Cloudy sake)
4. Pairing with 5 finger foods offered by SUN with MOON(5 glasses of limited sake)

Member:$53 nett(At door $58)
*Access to event page with password attached in email from SAKEMARU
Non Member:$58 nett(At door $63)

Do not miss seasonal limited sake and enjoy learning sake culture! If you have any questions, feel free to contact through website.

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1.Sake Tasting Sheet

SAKEMARU original sake tasting sheet helps growing your range of expression to describe the taste of sake. By knowing how to enjoy and tell the diffenrence of taste, we are able to enjoy sake more and increase the rate to meet the favorite label.


2. Sake Aroma Kit

This aroma kit is provided by Aromaster which is one of the most famous aroma kit producer in the world. Lots of popular sommeliers use and praise the quality.


3. Brewery rice

Sake is normally produced with only 2 ingredients such as water and brewery rice. That is why the selecting ingredients is one of the most important work of brewers. In Japan, there are hundreds kind of brewery rice. Each of them has special characteristic.

In this program, you can learn the difference between eating rice and brewery rice and the influence of some major brewery rice against the taste of sake.
*In this workshop, sake sommelier gaves you a lecture about sake. The topic is diferent by each time.


4. Cloudy(Nigori) sake

Winter, brewery season is the only chance to enjoy freshly-made vibrant cloudy sake. We are able to find normal cloudy sake throughout the year, however, those sake is different from ones only available in Winter.

The largest difference is pasteurization. As same as unpasteurized nama sake, winter limited cloudy sake is not pasteurized. Besides, they contains some amount of unfiltered rice solids, so that its taste and quality is easier to change than normal unpasteurized nama sake. Therefore, it is normally available in winter brewery season.

*In this workshop, sake sommelier gaves you a lecture about sake. The topic is diferent by each time.

Sake nouveau only for Winter

As you may know, normally sake breweries produce sake once a year in winter season. Right after pressing, sake starts to mature. This brewery season is only chance to enjoy freshly produced sake nouveau.

The taste of sake nouveau is fresh and fruity, sometimes sparkling owing to its very active yeast.Richness is less than Autumn limited Hiyaoroshi, however the freshness is definitily worth to try.

Machidashuzo Gohyakumangoku Jikagumi & Nigori


Machidashuzo Miyamanishiki Jikagumi & Nigori




Sunday, 26 March 2017 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm (SGT)

SUN with MOON - 501 Orchard Road,  #03-15