Drink as Much Sake as You Like in KURAND SAKE MARKET! 100 Labels, No Time Limit.


Buffet style is now super common in many kinds of restaurants such as sushi, BBQ, cakes and more.
However, have you ever heard “all-you-can-drink” style sake bar? There are several sake bars adopt this style in Japan. In the current trip to Japan, SAKEMARU visited one of the most famous all-you-can-drink style sake bar KURAND SAKE MARKET located in Shibuya Tokyo.
To come right to the point, it was awesome!! I would like to report how it was.
Just 10 minutes walk brings you to KURAND SAKE MARKET from Shibuya Station. Since it is located in the 3rd floor of a small building, please do not miss its sign.


The system is very simple, which we just need to pay 3,000 yen at the entrance, and receive a small sake cup. There is a huge refrigerator fully occupied by sake, and you can select what you want to drink by yourself and pour it to your decanter.


You maybe say it is difficult to select the one you want to drink by yourself. With regard to that point, you don’t need to worry about.
They prepare the instruction which enables customers easy to understand the feature of each sake. The taste is simply described by using 11 icons as follows. That instruction will help you definitely.

Instruction of Each Sake(Source:KURAND)

Guidance of Icons(Source:KURAND)

Anyway, this is awesome!! With just paying 3,000 yen, you can drink 100 kinds of fine sake until the bar closes at 11pm. As for food, you can bring what you want to eat in the bar. We have brought marinated oysters, grilled chicken and stewed yellowtail. You must check this bar, when you come to Shibuya!!

You can carry in any kind of foods

From this part, I would like to introduce some sake impressed me during this visit. I hope you can find same labels, when you visit here.

Tokubetsu Junmai Shiboritate|Miyoshikiku Shuzo(三好菊酒造)
The aroma distinguishes this sake and the others. At the same time as you smell it, pineapple like super juicy aroma intensely run though your nose. The attack is smooth and sweet. The sweetness is fading gradually on the way to finish. I think this is a very good tool to attract sake beginners and female.


Homei Junmai|Ishii Shuzo(石井酒造)
This is basically well-balanced sake everyone likes. The attack is mild and rich sweetness influenced by rice bring the deliciousness of oyster we brought in out. The remarkable point is the subtle sourness comes in the end. The sourness refreshes your mouth and makes yourself difficult to fed up with drinking it.


Kihoutsuru Junmaiginjo Omachi|Kiyama Shoten(基山商店)
This is the elegant sake!The aroma is moderate but high-grade. It is basically sweet type sake, but the quality of sweetness is very different from other sweet types. If Miyoshikiku is very fresh teenage girl, Kihoutsuru is 30s beautiful women who knows what high-quality is. The slightly dry after taste makes me drink it again and again.


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