Snow Aging Forever, Mature Your Sake as long as You Like in the Perfect Environment


In addition to deliver seasonal limited sake every month, SAKEMARU stores rare sake in the dorm specially designed with snow and mature it for 1 year.

To let members enjoy snow aging sake more, we have upgraded this functionality. Members can mature their sake as long as they like, unless canceling the membership. Members can mature sake for more than 1 year!
This upgrade enables members to create 100% original snow aging sake. They can control the aging condition by themselves. Of course, we will not charge the additional fee for this upgrade.

The taste of sake nouveau transforms dramatically after 1 year. Nobody can't expect how the taste of sake grows after 2, 3 years. Why don't we leave the growth of sake to nature and ray back and wait the result patiently?

Further upgrade of snow dorm system is coming soon! Please look forward to it!


How long to store sake
Forever as long as maintaining membership

How to take sake out
Order from my page, Please follow the image as below
*Check box of "Take out" is displayed only for the sake matured for 10 months


Delivery schedule
Please be aware that delivery date is fixed by the date of order
*Snow aging sake is delivered with monthly sake. If you'd prefer to receive other date, please specify the delivery date from your personal page as usual.


・Order during 16 Nov - 15 Jan
→ Delivery on 25 Feb
・Order during 16 Jan - 15 Mar
→ Delivery on 25 Apr
・Order during 16 Mar - 15 May
→ Delivery on 25 Jun
・Order during 16 May - 15 Jul
→ Delivery on 25 Aug
・Order during 16 Jul - 15 Sep
→ Delivery on 25 Oct
・Order during 16 Sep - 15 Nov
→ Delivery on 25 Dec

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