Taxi Driver Pairing with Camembert Cheese Fried Roll with Fresh Tomato Sauce


Taxi driver has very strong umami, and sourness. Owing to its richness, it's also very easy to pair with oily and food with intensive taste. Please enjoy the marriage between cheese and taxi driver. Sourness of taxi driver and fresh tomato sauce kills the oil and clear the mouth.


8 slices Pork shoulder
Little Salt
Little Pepper
4 Japanese Basil(Shiso)
125g Camembert Cheese
Tbsp 2 Flour
1 Egg
Tbsp 6 Breadcrumbs

150g Cherry Tomato
Tbsp 2/3 Salt
Tbsp 1 Olive oil

How to cook

1)Pur salt and pepper on both side of slices of pork shoulder
2)Roll Japanese Basil(Shiso) and camembert Cheese with slices of pork shoulder
3)To fry put flour, egg and breadcrumbs on 2)
4)Fry 3) for about 4 mins at 170℃
5)Chop cherry tomatos and combine with salt and olive oil