The Day to Store Your Sake in the Snow Dorm.


SAKEMARU went to Osawa snow dorm on March 23rd 2016 and put your sake into the snow dorm by my hands, therefore, all our members will be able to enjoy the original sake matured for one year in the perfect environment in 2017!!!
Osawa snow dorm we stored your sake is one of the finest snow dorm in Niigata, Japan and of course, our seasonal rare sake.

Surronded by Tons of Snow

As I mentioned in this page, the snow dorm is a natural cold room made with Japanese ancestors' wisdom. Osawa snow dorm locates in northern Japan, an area covers by thick snow during the winter and they would never melt up till next winter comes. This kind of low temperature and high humidity environment is the best to mature sake.

Humidity Meter


Another thing makes our sake more precious is that because Osawa snow dorm is famous for breweries, some of very famous brewery also store their sake in Osawa snow dorm too, so it becomes a really tough job to get space for store your sake without the exclusive deal and connection.

One of the Famous Brewery’s Sake Maturing

Normally snow dorm is created by just piling up the snow on the storage and cover with huge insulation sheet. This kind of simple snow dorm doesn’t care about the air circulation, so that humidity is easy to reach 100%, which causes making the snow dorm moldy. In sanitary point of view, this environment is not that good enough to provide safe and healthy products.
Contrary, Osawa snow dorm was designed the air is naturally circulated in the snow dorm, the humidity is kept by 70 to 80%.

Thick and Heavy 1st Gate

2nd Gate Never Opens Unless Closing 1st Gate

Alright, let's look forward to 2017 and enjoy this batch of special sake together.