Strawberry and Sake Mousse Pairing with Tsukinowa 月の輪


Sometimes sake wears the fruity aroma. Tsukinowa has also very fresh and fruity aroma. To make good use of this feature, new desert for grown up people has been birthed. Firstly, the taste of matches with strawberry pretty well and you don't feel any flavor influenced by sake. In its aftertaste, the aroma of sake bloomed in the mouth.


70ml Sake
50ml Heavy cream
50ml Milk
1 Egg
Tbsp1 Sugar
4g Gelatin
100g Strawberry
40g Sugar
Tsp 1 Lemon juice

How to cook

1)Crash strawberries and make it juice
2)Add sugar and lemon juice on 1)
3)Mix egg, sugar and milk
4)Heat 3) in 500W microwave for 80 seconds
5)Stir heavy milk till getting little thickened
6)Mix half of 2) , 4) and 5)
7)Add gelatin and sake on 6)
8)Refrigerate 7) for over 3 hours
9)Put sauce and a leaf of mint on top of 8)