Okameya - Authentic Kappou, Feel the Change of Seasons


There is a Kappou “Okameya” with traditional Japanese entrance in Tanjong Pagar. Kappou is a name for a high grade Japanese cuisine like Kaiseki and shoujin. Interior is also an authentic Japanese timber and stucco finish, gentle indirect light, and sound of Japanese herp make relaxing atmosphere. Apart from the counter seat, there are private rooms separated by curtains, and suitable for gathering 4-6 people. You can choose menu from a la carte to course, depends on your purpose.

I tried two sake. Jouzen Mizu no gotoshi is a Sake from Niigata prefecture. It is a popular Sake among the local. It has light sour aroma, smooth melon like sweet taste. Noto Junmai is a limited Sake from Ishikawa prefecture. It has a castilla like aroma, round taste of apple caramel, and bitter after taste.

Clam from Chiba prefecture has chewy texture, rich umami and sea flavor, goes well with both sake. With Noto junmai, umami and sweetness blend well and slight bitterness remain. With Jozen mizu no gotoshi, bittersweetness emerges, blend with umami of calm, and taste travel through my tongue.



Cod roe from Sanriku region with lime and ponzu pinegar, has thick texture with rich umami. Together with Noto Junmai, its thickness melt together and umami expands.


Next plate has a delicious combination of stewed radish absorbs dashi soup with sweet miso meat. Sweetness of miso and sweet sour taste of Noto Junmai goes well. Also, Jozen Mizu no Gotoshi’s sweetness overlap with miso as well.


Rolled omelette has juicy umami sandwiched between layers of egg. With Noto Junmai, umami and sweetness expand, and with Jozen Mizu no Gotoshi, pear like taste run through the tongue.


Okami, said she would like the local to enjoy the authentic Kappou food culture, and want customer to feel changes of season with seasonal ingredients and cuisine. Quality of food is high and price is reasonable. This place is not only to learn Japanese food culture, but could also use it for casual to formal meeting.

シンガポールの和食 おかめや
74 Duxton Road Singapore 089533
TEL : +6562215809

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri : Lunch 12:00~14:00
(Only Reservation)
Mon - Sat : Dinner 18:00~23:00
(L.O. 22:00)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Despite its intimate space, it has a private room that sits up to 24 people.