For special plan members
This label is exclusively produced for SAKEMARU members!!
95% of Omachi brewery rice is produced in Okayama prefecture. It's very rare and expensive for breweries in other area.

Also, there are some enthusiasts called "Omachist" love sake brewed with the rice. Omachi doesn't attact only consumers, but also brewers. Most of brewers quite eager in brewing say "Omachi is the subject all the brewer wants to tackle".

It looks very clean and transparent. As soon as openning the bottle, fresh floral scent starts to waft through the air.
Attack is sharp and clean. The taste is very plain at a glance, however the soft umami and sweetness is gradually showing its face. Complex after flavor is also the unique point of this label.
We recommed to drink in chilled with wine glass.

Polish rate:60%
Alcohol content:14%


We differentiate ourselves by self-growing rice. In the end of day, the quality of ingredients is almost equil to the quility of sake. It is impossible to know the growing process of rice and its component in advance. With this issue, we have to optimize brewing based on the real quality which we don't know before buying it. We belive growing rice by ourselves is very natural and reasonable attitude.


There are 11 wells in this brewery, however the quality of water from only 2 wells meet our requirement. Water is the other important ingredient. We will not bend our commitment in the quality of water.


Never stop studying and Keep brewery clean is our motto. Based on inherited traditional skill, we have to pile this generation's essence. Without this, we are not able to be competitive. That is why we never stop studying. To keep brewery clean, we won't overlook a grain of rice on the floor.


The greatest feature of us is growing rice by ourselves. To pursue the ideal taste, growing rice is very natural attitude. There is another merit to grow rice. We can understand the local climate more deeply. Sake brewing is the co-creation between human and nature. Through taking care of growth of rice, our young brewers grasp what really brewing is.