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Even though it's matured for more than half year, the aroma is still fresh and fruity like apple. Once you take a sip, apple pie like creamy and condensed sweetness spreads all around the mouth.

The first impression is full-body type but it will be changed on the way sake goes through your throat. The rich sweetness transforms to spicy driness. It's very good sake picking the best of both Summer fresh sake and Autumn matured sake.

It's also great for chilled and hot.

Polish rate:60%
Alcohol content:16%


Most of our sake is made from the local brewery rice "Akitasakekomachi" produced in nearby brewery, however, we use some of high-grade brand rice to make some differences on its taste. It also helps me to come up with new idea to bring our local rice's potential out. Also, we have own rice polisher and study the effect of polish rate against the taste of sake.


Brewery is designed to effectively bring the water in from the wells nearby, so that we can use the high-quality underground water from Ouu Mountain for all the brewing steps.


Our brew master is awarded medal with yellow ribbon which follows the Contemporary Master Craftsman award given from emperor of Japan. He built the team tightly bounded and tells his knowledge to them. Based on tight teamwork and firm skill, trying to produce new sake satisfying user's demand changing every second.


Our concept is to tell the blazing passion to the people drink our sake. It's not changed since it's established. We put our soul and passion into each bottle of sake.