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Aroma is subtly sweet influenced by rice, but fruity flavor like melon blooms in the mouth, as soon as you sip it. The texture is mild and juicy.

The slightly yellow and mellow liquid gives you very strong umami. Contrary to its attack, after taste is clear and transparent.
In the very end, bitterness spreads on your tongue. The complex taste is the uniquest feature of this sake.

Polish rate:60%
Alcohol content:16%
SMV:+ 5.0


Manly use local brewery rice to brew sake. Currently, we started to cooperate with local experienced farmers and produce a special brewery rice "Ginnosato" through organic farming.


There is a well 200m deep in the brewery. The water comes from Haku Mountain which is one of the highest mountain in this area and designated as national park due to its abundant nature.


Never compromise in each tiny brewing process. We won't stop studying new technology and try latest equipments and succeed some of them which are suitable for our culture and tradition to next generation.


We believe brewing has to take a root in each regional environment including water, rice and human being. We root in Fukui prefecture and produce original taste and delivery the one-and-only experience to people all around the world.