The gentle aroma distinguishes rich and creamy taste. The after taste is the main feature of this SAKE. The comfortable sourness makes its after taste very clear.
The clear after taste makes it ideal to be paired with beef or dishes over owing with meaty juices.
You can enjoy this SAKE from chilled to warm. Please enjoy the changes of taste by temprerature.
This freshly brewed SAKE was bottled within 10 days after pressing, so that its flavor can be enjoyed till the very last drop.

Polish rate:55%


Use the eating rice "Kakehashi" produced in Iwate more than usual brewery rice, which has basically more suitable for brewing than usual brewery rice. They figured out the best brewing method to make good use of this local rice by repeating try and error.


Use the super pure spring water wellling inside the brewery.


The yeast used to brew this sake is original one produced in Iwate. The combination between the rice "Kakehashi" and the yeast is only one in Iwate. 41 y/o young brew master studied at so many breweries produces very bold sake. You will aslo surprise at the unique taste.


Stopped adding different alcohol to sake and become the only brewery to produce only Junmai type of sake. They are trying to encourage the local aglicalture with using only local ingredients.