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This is brewery year 2016 sake nouveau and very first sake from Yaoshin Shuzo. Yaoshin Shuzo is famous for its rich and mild taste. Sake nouveau normally tends to be fresher and lighter.
However, this lable still insists Yaoshin Shuzo's specialized rich flavor. Top note is slightly fruity and fresh. Once sipping it, citrus fruits like fresh flavor wide-spreads around the mouth.

After this fresh feeling, rich umami fully influenced by fine brewery rice shows up. Its finish is gently sweet and sour. This taste transition is also attractive point of this label.

Polish rate:60%
Alcohol content:17%
SMV:+ 4.0


Gangi has been using Yamadanishiki brewery rice for long time. It's no exaggeration to say that Yamadanishiki formed Gangi original style. Our motto is "Don't put any additional ingredients and too much hands of human", so that the quality of rice is very important factor.


In 1955, we suddenly couldn't use the beautiful water of Nishiki River flowing beside the brewery. Salt water mixed into freshwater and the water quality had been degraded. This was caused from the dam built in the upstream of Nishiki River. To maintain our brewery, we wandered everywhere to find the high-quality water. The water we found was apart from the brewery and very tough work to bring the water to brewery. Recently, we figured out there is a great water source underground of brewery, so that we built the 42m deep well and use the soft and pure spring water for brewing.


Our brewing style is sometimes liken to the carving of Buddha statue by using only a single piece of tree. What we only focus is to bring the potential of rice out. To make this happen, we don't put any additional ingredients and too much hands of human. Human just needs to organize the environment that yeast shows more than 100% performance.


Brewing is like a drama to birth new life. We appreciate for involving ourselves in such a privilege environment to god. What we need to do is to transform our gratitude to the delicious sake and repay to the people support us and the natural resources.