For Premium plan members
To celebrate the Lunar new year, this should be appropriate sake.
This is the label only designed for SAKEMARU members. Gold flakes are specially added in unpasteurized junmaidaiginjo.

This is an ambitious work of young brew master "Mikito Takai". He loves one of the classic yeast "901" and try to extract the core characteristic of this yeast with using his skill and current equipments.
The core characteristic is a straight line of wildness in perfectly harmonized balance.

The aroma of this sake is rich and fruity like a banana. Once sipping it, its rich umami taste influenced by rice dive into your tongue. Next to the umami, sweetness like dried grape gradually spreads all around your mouth.
It's very comfortable and gentle. The aftertaste is firmly sour and bitter. When you enjoy in little chilled, the solid aftertaste becomes little milder and softer.

Polish rate:50%
Alcohol content:17%
SMV:+ 2.0


Through the long term, which they have nearly 300 years' history, relationship with the local farmers, selected high-grade brewery rice is offered by them. Besides, they don't hesitate to use the rice produced in other prefectures to make their ideal sake happen.


Their water is relatively little hard, so that fermentation turns to be more active than soft water and maturing gives better effects to the quality of sake. Their brewing theory is all set up from this feature of water.


It is very simple. They don't have lots of difficult words to describe their mind. Sticking with the basics is only important thing for them. They are trying to improve the quality by doing what's expected as expected, which looks very easy but most difficult way.


Our ideal brewing is to bring the power of rice out. The attractiveness of sake is sweetness and umami influenced by rice and koji. We are trying to make real rice wine without the power of yeast.