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This is 100% Aomori's local sake. The top note is conformably fruity and not too gorgeous, it's easy to tell this sake was very carefully produced.
Local brewery rice "Hanafubuki" gives soft and gentle sweetness to sake, so that its attack is soft and smooth. Right after sipping it, its fruity aroma blooms and runs through your nasal cavity.

In the same time, your tongue feels roundish umami which is very relaxing. Finish is quick and fresh.

Polish rate:55%
Alcohol content:16%
SMV:± 0


Mainly use the local brewery rice local fine farmers produce. Aomori's signature rice is "Hanafubuki" which makes the taste of sake rich and roundish. To make an innovation, we are proactively try new brewery rices. In 2014, new brewery rice called "Hanasayaka" has been invented in Aomori. Now, we are tackling this brewery rice.


Towada lake is one of the most transparent lake in Japan. Most of people living here have benefits from Oirase river originated from this beautiful lake. Its underground water flows into the well in the brewery and we use it for brewing.


Its brewery master was appointed as an excellent craftsman by Aomori prefecture in 2014. By injecting technology and latest trend into the inherited traditional skill, we are trying to produce hi-standard new sake.


The concept is "Sake is the crystal of local culture". Hatomasanune shuzo is one and only brewery in Towada city. As a representative of home ground, brew mater born and raised here uses only local ingredients and produce masterpiece which local people can be proud of.