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In this month, we offer Junmaidaiginjo tasting set for premium plan.
In the very last brewing process, moromi is put in the meshed bag and pressed, then the liquid of sake comes out. The sake comes out firstly is called Arabashiri(荒走り), which has the freshest taste and highest aroma. Also, this just pressed super fresh sake is directly bottled, so that there are no oxidation.

The first note is refreshing like a white grape. Light but elegant sweetness which is like nectar of beautiful flower stimulates your tongue. In the cluster of sweetness, you can feel slight bitterness. It’s very comfortable and shows us the next level of sake nouveau.

After this refined attack, sourness which is Senkin’s signature surges and holds the sweetness, then clear driness is left in the throat.

According to the brew master, the quality of this sake nouveau would be elegant rather than fresh and wild. The dignity of sake is far beyond the exceptions against sake nouveau. It’ll be sake nouveau’s next standard.

Polish rate:麹米40%、掛米50%
Alcohol content:16%


We have 100% shifted to domaine style as for all the ingredients. Through the survey of water quality, we have found out the rice fields sharing the same water source with our brewery and grow the rice by ourselves.
We guarantee its rice should be the best marriage.


It is commonly said that yeast defines the key feature of sake's taste. However, we don't want to reply on the power pf yeast, so that ingredients are the most important factors for us. Especially we take the water in center of brewing. The clearness is the feature of our brewery water. Expressing this clearness on the taste of sake is the direction of our brewing.


Processing the law materials is the most important process. Washing and sinking rice is the only process requires human's hands. After this step, we have to leave brewing to nature and human just support their work.


Our ideal brewing is to bring the power of rice out. The attractiveness of sake is sweetness and umami influenced by rice and koji. We are trying to make real rice wine without the power of yeast.