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This label is produced with using "Saga F7" yeast which is only available for breweries in Saga. The yeast isn't very common even in Saga prefecture, but its subtlety and gently fruity aroma is very attractive.

Top note is lightly fruity and its attack is moderately mild. As holding it in the mouth, slightly heavy but still fresh sweetness stands out well.

Second note is very favorable and fresh like young apple. Sourness and bitterness show their face in the end of taste but it fades out quickly. Aftertaste is very dry contrary to its attack.

Brewery rice used for this labal is also unique. OYAMANISHIKI is quite new brewery rice born in 1997. This is invented to produce high grade Ginjo sake, so that the taste of sake tends to be very elegent.

Polish rate:65%
Alcohol content:17%

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We are proud of the quality of brewery water. To produce the ideal taste, we buy brewery rice from local farmers and other areas too. Since the quality of rice is changing every year, we are optimizing the brewing process every year in accordance with charactor of rice.


Behind brewery, there is a 1,000m high mountain "Tenzan ". Azumatsuru shuzo has a lot of benefits from this mountain. Especially, the quality of water from this mountain is unique. The water cotains a certain amount of calcium and magnecium is little hard type. We use this little hard water from the well in brewery.


We haven't had any concrete skills or methods yet. That is why we believe the deep analysis of taste is necessary. Since we don't use any machine, this is all the more necessary.


Sake of Saga prefecture is sweet. I also love this sweet sake. I am proud of this local taste. With remaining the key feature of Saga' sake, I and my family want to produce a new sake which taste is sweet but attack is clean.