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This label is produced with 50% polished Yamadanishiki made in Saitama prefecture. As soon as opening the bottle, rich and sweet aroma like matured fruits spreads into the air. It's very attaractive start. Once sipping it, its sweetness stands out at first, but very rich flavor, that sweetness and umami are tightly combined, spouts out.
The texture is little thick and sparkling. The sweetness is straight but deep, on the other hands the umami is sharrow but roundish.

Simply saying, the balance of 2 flavor is perfectly designed. Second note stimulates the nasal caviar is very glossy and luscious.
The bitterness and sourness appearing in the end is just a little nuance. The rich sweet umami flavor lasts very long.
Contrary to MUSASHINO WHITE, yeast 1801 developed by National Research Institute of Brewing is used. This is current most competitive yeast, lots of breweries win the competition with the labels made with this yeast.

Polish rate:50%
Alcohol content:16%


Used to use the Yamadanishiki produced in Hyogo, however, we were not satisfied with the quality. When we firstly changed it to the one made in Saitama, the quality was drastically improved. This incident told us the importance of sticking with terroir. Currently, we use various kind of local brewery rice like SAKEMUSASHI さけ武蔵, SAINOKAGAYAKI 彩のかがやき.


Use pure and soft underground water from the well in the brewery.


Brew master is in just his 30s and the history of brewery is not too long, so that only importance is to keep chanllenging. Designning and preparation phase is almost everything brewers can cover in entire production process. In this phase, we need to imagine the ideal taste and consider the combination of methods to make it happen. We consider the examination of result as the preparation for brewing toward next year. Our strong point is enjoying this endless try and error.


To contribute to our home town, increasing the amount of local rice year by year. Moreover, we produce brewery rice by ourselves with synergistically linking with local farmers. To bring the potential of local rice out, we cultivate the original yeast in the brewery's labo. We think it's meaningless to produce sake with the high grade ingredients made in other area. Stick with local, stick with originalty!