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Sakanishiki is a local brand of Shimane prefecture. This label has the moderate and sweet first note which is carefully extracted natural characteristic of Sakanishiki. Since they use the super soft water for brewing, it's quite smooth attack, feeling like drinking clean but rich water.

However, this sake is fermented in low-temperature for 2 weeks longer than usual, so that the depth of taste is clearly layered and thick. Firstly, refreshing sour taste like grapefruits shows up and gradually shifting to rich umami, and then closing with bitter taste. Following with this, aftertaste is refreshing and clean.

Polish rate:65%
Alcohol content:17%


Using the specific rice grown in Shimane, Hyogo and Okayama. The main brands are Yamadanishiki, Omachi, Sakanishiki, Kannomai, Gohyakumangoku and so forth. By choosing the proper rice and skill, trying to pull out the original aroma and taste of each rice.


They use the underground water for all the production process from the well in the brewery. There are 4 wells in the brewery, the hardness of water is completely different by each well. Therefore, we use different water on different purpose. For brewing sake, the sofest water is mainly used.


Since most of brewers are young but very motivated, they periodically invites the former cheif of Research Institute of Brewing to have a lecture of entire brewing process. They form a tight scrum and try to improve the skill and quality of sake and produce new products.


Since they use lots of organic farmed and less-pesticide rice, usually visit the farmers and help them from planting to harvesting rice. They believe this farming experience makes brewing more careful. By producing higher quality products with using farming experience, they are willing to contribute the improvement of local agriculture.