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"Manamusume" is a kind of eating rice which is made in Miyazaki prefecture. Owing to its loose characteristic, it's easier to make malted rice(koji) and good for rich Junmai sake.

This label wears a fruity aroma like young banana which is similar to the aroma comes from moromi tank. The fruitiness is not too heavy. Attack is very light and smooth, and then umami and the sweetness steadily spreads in the mouth.
The sourness easily tend to be the off-taste is well controlled, the aftertaste is confotably refreshing and doesn't last long owing to its strong crispiness.

Polish rate:60%
Alcohol content:18%


They use the rice of Miyazaki mainly. The soft rice "Manamusume", which is an eating rice for Junmai, and "Kuranohana" for the high-grade sake.


By filtering softer water, tryting to make the water cleaner and smoother, and use it for brewing.


They've been sticking with hand-made by Nanbu brewer(南部杜氏). By making use of very cold climet in winter, restraining the activity of yeast, and slowly ferment to carefully brew fine sake.


There are lots of elements, like ingredients, climate and so forth, to brew high-quality sake, but the most important thing is the team work. Producing delicious sake and making people happy is what they just want to do. All their efforts should be paid off with having good feedbacks. They say "we'd like to keep making a sake people never get tired of drinking."