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Shinomine's first label brewed with using Omachi brewery rice and Yamahai method. Brewers say the theme is "Sourness". First note is sweet and fresh like a yogurt. The attack is very rich and mild, which is very much influenced by Yamahai method. The taste is quite rich and contains lots of umami, which is the main characteristic of Omachi brewery rice. However, the finish is and clear and crispy owing to its full of sourness comes in th end.

This crystal-clear transparency is produced by the classic yeast No.6. Their design is well-reflected to the taste. Moreover, with only using Omachi brewery rice grown in Setocho, where produces finest Omachi, the poweful but sophisticated characteristic is brought out well.

Polish rate:66%
Alcohol content:17%
SMV:+ 7


We grow most of our brewery rice by ourselves in the rice field near from the brewery. Our policy of brewing is to reflect the feature of local nature to taste of sake, so that our brewery rice has to be the one grown here.


Use the underground water flows down from Hishigi Mountain. The quality of water is little soft and less mineral containing. All our sake is produced by this clear water.


"Drink a glass of our sake, can't stop thinking to take a bite some foods". We believe sake must serve as a foil for foods. Currently, very aromatic white-wine like sake is having a high profile. To grab the beginer's heart , it is quite a nice trend. However, we don't follow that. Our ideal sake has clear after taste and shape of taste formed by clean sourness and well-balanced umami. Those are inebitable condition for sake to be the best partner of foods.


Stopped adding different alcohol to sake and become the only brewery to produce just Junmai type of sake. They are trying to encourage the local aglicalture with using only local materials.