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This is a sake that made with Kinmonnishiki, which is called a dreamy brewery rice. Even though this sake was invented in Nagano, local farmers have been stopping its production for several decades due to its troublesome characteristic. Recently,a few farmers resumed to produce and its amount is quite limited, so that this is called rare and dreamy brerewry rice. The sake brewed with this rice tends to be very falavorful sake.
The aroma is moderate, but the rich umami influenced by Kinmonnishiki spread on the tongue. After that, various and heavy layer of taste, like sweetness, bitterness, sourness show up one by one. It's quite a flavorful sake.

Polish rate:59%
Alcohol content:16%


Only use brewery rice produced in the south part of Nagano. Especially, Miayamashiniki represents the brewing of Nagano is our main rice. We don't only brew sake with local rice, but also support farmer to grow it.


To utilize the high-quality pure underground water from high mountain in south part of Nagano, we maintain own well in the brewery.


We are proud of the finest hygiene control in sake industry. Compatibility of rich taste and clear finish is our ideal sake. Also, lots of wild yeast live in old brewery. This natural yeasts mix with normal ones and give more various layers of taste.


Due to decline of rice industry, the beautiful scenery of rice terrace was about to be disappeared. We believe local breweries have to contribute to maintain this scenery and culture as the representative of hood. What we only can do is producing fine sake with using only local rice.