This is premature teenager like sake. The melon like subtle refreshing aroma typically stands sake nouveau's freshness, however your expectation will be betrayed in a good meaning, as soon as you take a sip.
The naturally produced gas in the process of fermentation stimulates your tongue, and then you are going to have next impact, which is an unique texture of sake lees.
Based on our request, roughly filtered sake lees are used for cloudy part of this sake, so that you can still feel the grain of melted rice and enjoy the subtle but rich sweetness influenced by rice.

Brew mater made this cloudy sake's aftertaste, which normally tends to be sweeter and last long, dry and clear with controlling its acidity and alcohol percentage and so forth. This is very unique sake your first impression is far apart from the actual taste.
Please enjoy the betrayal of this naughty sake.

Polish rate:55%

*Your sake only for this month is randomly selected from 2 labels. If you have special request, please feel free to contact us through the contact form. Please understand we might not able to meet your request, since the stock is limited.
For special plan users, we will deliver 2 different types of sake.


Through the long term, which they have nearly 300 years' history, relationship with the local farmers, selected high-grade brewery rice is offered by them. Besides, they don't hesitate to use the rice produced in other prefectures to explore their ideal taste.


Their water is relatively little hard, so that fermentation turns to be more active than soft water and maturing gives better effects to the quality of sake. Their brewing theory is all set up from this feature of water.


"We don't have any special skills or technics". That is what the owner Mr. Takai talked to us about their brewing skill. "What we have to commit is pleasing our customers every year. It is important to keep offering high-quality sake, so that sticking to the basics is the most important skill." Based on inherited traditional skill, Mr. Takai is injecting his young sense to produce the sake loved by this age.
Especially he has his own theory as for the combination of brewery rice and yeast. He proactively takes yeast not common in this area.


It is very simple. They don't have lots of difficult words to describe their mind. Sticking with the basics is only important thing for them. They are trying to improve the quality by doing what's expected as expected, which looks very easy but most difficult way.