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A ripe fruity aroma like lichee hangs in the air before you get it close to your mouth, and its texture is mild and rich. The first impression of its taste is sweet like high-grade Japanese sugar. After that, sourness comes instantly and mixes with the sweetness. With keeping the balance of sweetness and sourness, umami is added on it. It's very juicy and fruity but we can enjoy the richness influenced by high-grade rice in the same time.

Transition of taste and spread of aroma go slowly but those are cleared sharply after the peak of taste. It never lets people to feel tired of drinking it.

New brewery rice "YAMASAKE No.4" is produced by an agricultural high school of Yamagata. It is made of the mixture of Yamadanishiki(King of brewery rice) and Kinmonnishiki(Dreamy brewery rice). It is a special rice with a particular profound umami and only a few brewery have just started to use.

It is said that the sake made with hard water is more suitable for aging, because the hard water contains lots of mineral.

This distinguished mellow taste should be thanks to its special brew with making good use of hard water and aging.

Polish rate:60%
Alcohol content:17%


Choose the best rice of the year. No matter where the rice is produced, we carefully select the best one matches with our design of brewing. We also proactively use the new brands such as TAMANAE (YAMASAKE No.4), and other local pesticide-free rice.


Use the underground water of Arakawa River drawn from 130M depth. Its hardness is 127mg/L, which is the hardest water in sake brewing industry.


Mix the latest tech and proficient skill of Nanbu Tōji, and brew their original sake.
By proceeding the fermentation under low temperature with using the 127mg/L hard water, we are trying to bring the smooth texture and beautiful aroma out.


As "customer-oriented brewing" is the motto of the brewery from the beginning, the ideal sake is to make drinkers happen to fully smile.