• Higashiibaraki-gun

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This is the new brand started by its 8th generation, which is produced with all local ingredients. Especially water in this area is a bit harder, so we grow local rice "Chiyonishiki" because it contains a little nitrogen.
The aroma is gentle with a little bit refreshment, and texture is very smooth. The wave of aged mellow umami comes again and again. Sophisticated taste of high-quality materials fills the mouth. Its finish is clean and fresh owing to the characteristic of sake yeast K7. It is a label never make you feel tired of.

Polish rate:65%
Alcohol content:16%
SMV:+ 1.5


We perchase the superior brewery rice from all around Japan in our own way. Besides, we also incorporate with the local farmers to produce high-grade local rice "Chiyonishiki" and "Koshikagura". Our own condition of good rice is if the rice can goes with the our local environment. That's why we produce rice by ourselves.


There are wells in brewery, which Nachi river's underwater flows in. The charactericstic of water is little hard.


We are particular about hand-made brewing from beginning to the end, bacause the condition of ingredients and environment is unsettled. Flexibility is quite important to handle this changes.


Sake flatters dishes well, sake brought out by dishes, we always consider the chemistry between sake and dishes. Also, we're passionated to tell the environment, human, and terroir of this brewery through drinking our sake.