• Gohyakumangoku

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SAKAEMASU aims to produce sake good to pair with foods, so that they use traditional yeasts produce gentle aroma, and all non-filtered to let people enjoy the umami of rice. This label has been aged for 2 years in the low temperature. the color of liquid is slightly yellow.
The first note is gentle but changing to the aroma like dried fruits.
Texture is very smooth and mellow. FIrstly the fist impression of taste is very clean, but toward to the middle, a rich umami tastes like a brown sugar shows up apparently. The finish is clean and transrarent owing to its fresh sourness. Especially, we recommend to enjoy the change of taste and aroma. Aroma and taste blooms along with the rise of temperature. Please enjoy the vintage and change of taste.

Polish rate:50%
Alcohol content:16%


The story of SAKAEMASU had started from Niigata prefecture. When our founder birth in Niigata firstly started this brewery, what he had done first was to look for the high-quality water source. and then the place they found was Tatebayashi-shi, Gunma Prefecture. We respect the spirit of founder and use Gohyakumangoku, which is Niigata's most famous brewery rice for brewing.


It is said that the underground water from High Plateau Oze which crosses Niigata and Gunma flows into Tatebayashi-shi, Gunma prefecture. This underground water flows underground for a long time, so containing full of mineral and it's quite an important nutrient for yeasts to ferment. Because of the high-quality water in Tatebayashi, lots of famous food factories of Japan such as Shoda Soy Sauce, Nisshin Flour Milling, Calpis, and Bulldog Sauce are located in this place. We use the excellent water for brewing.


Our sake brewing is always with a prayer "discover the real joy of sake" for all the people taste SAKAEMASU. To make this happen, we make a complete use of the methods of water absorbing, box koji, long-term moromi fermentation, and funeshibori which normally used only for the highest quality for our brand "SAKAEMASU".


Our ideal brewing is to bring the power of rice out. The attractiveness of sake is sweetness and umami influenced by rice and koji. We are trying to make real rice wine without the power of yeast.