Is this really sake? Once you sip this sake, you will have like this feeling. Attack is very transparent and clean which stands the fine quality of the brewery water. Refreshing citrus like aroma distinguishes the clearness more.
This sake contains little sake lees. Its amount is little but the yeast inside the sake lees is very active, so that sparklingness is stronger than regular cloudy sake. The sparklingness sometimes lasts long for 2 to 3 days even after opening the bottle.
It is said light type sake, but sake lees give the right amount of richness to its taste. People tend to focus on the active sparklingness but the taste is well-balanced
We recommend to enjoy this sake as an aperitif.

Polish rate:55%

*Since its sparklingness is very strong, please be sure to open the bottle slowly and get rid of gas accumulated in the bottle.

*Your sake only for this month is randomly selected from 2 labels. If you have special request, please feel free to contact us through the contact form. Please understand we might not able to meet your request, since the stock is limited.
For special plan users, we will deliver 2 different types of sake.


They used to use the rice grows in North east Japan. However, they have drastically shifted all brewery rice to only local one in early 2003. They believe the shortcut to be the only one brewery is that local brewers living there brew sake with local rice. They are proud of the local rice brand "Yumesansui" which makes sake's aroma very clean.


Sangane Mountain is the treasure box of high-quality water. They only use the underground water comes from that mountain, which is very soft and clean.


"Never compromise" is their skill. Their only mission is to satisfy various kind of consumer's needs. To make this happen, they produced many kind of brands. Ingredients and production method are all different, so that usual method doesn't work to make the all brand's quality high. That is why they have modified the normal brewing method and tools to their ideal style.


Sake is the something its local culture and human and nature are all crystalized. To create the purest crystal, we live in local and grow the local ingredients and understand its nature. By sticking with localism, we believe we can produce the products competitive all around the world.