• Gohyakumangoku

For Special plan members
Bottled just squeezed very fresh sake straight away. It has a fresh aroma like citrus fruits that exactly sake nouveau has. The texture is clean and smooth, and the sparklingness feel on the tongue makes people refresh. Speaking of the taste, the extremely delicate sourness harmonizes with the slight bitterness and create very pure and beautiful taste. Toward to the end, the umami and sweetness ooze out, and then the aftertaste is as refreshing as the first impression, but the comfortable sweetness lasts long slightly. This is the label we can enjoy the full of excellence sake nouveau have.

Polish rate:55%
Alcohol content:16%


Directly deal with the finest farmers in origin of each brewery rice. Rice is the most important ingredient in sake brewing. Characteristic of rice effects sake's taste much. To make various type of sake with maintaining the high standard, we believe this is very reasonable way. It's costly, though...


There is a very old well in brewery. The underground water of Tone river flows into this well. The nature of water is super soft and suitable for producing clean sake. We set up an alter and deify a god of water.


5th generation and her husband are leading this brewery. She won some blind tasting competitions. Her delicate tongue makes our challenge success. With using various kind of yeast and rice, we are try to produce brand-new sake surprises sake lovers.


Everything for our customers "Delicious". We want to move all the sake lover's heart. Keep delivering a piece of surprise, we won't be satisfied with the present situation and challenge to further improvement.