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The charm of this label is sweet, sourness and full-bodied taste influenced by the fantom brewery rice "Aiyama". With using the yeast no.9, the characteristic is extracted very well.

Right after opening the cap, a slightly fruity aroma pops up. Once sipping it, the elegant and graceful sweetness spreads gently and the aroma going through the nasal vessel is very comfortable in the same time.
Behind the sweetness, very rich umami and sourness is hidden and show its existing toward to the end.
The aftertaste is very smooth and clean.

The charm of Aiyama blooms with contacting with the air, so drink a little and refrigerate it for a week then taste it. You’ll be shocked by the change.

Polish rate:45%
Alcohol content:16%


We grow most of our brewery rice by ourselves in the rice field near from the brewery. Our policy of brewing is to reflect the feature of local nature to taste of sake, so that our brewery rice has to be the one grown here.


Use the underground water flows down from Hishigi Mountain. The quality of water is little soft and less mineral containing. All our sake is produced by this clear water.


Previous brew master Kashichiro Yoshida who is appointed as a ""great craftsmen in the present world"" by government created the basement of our original brewing style. Current brew master experienced wine brewing injected brand-new essence into the basement.


Drink a glass of our sake, can't stop thinking to take a bite some foods". We believe sake must serve as a foil for foods. Currently, very aromatic white-wine like sake is having a high profile. To grab the beginer's heart , it is quite a nice trend. However, we don't follow that. Our ideal sake has clear after taste and shape of taste formed by clean sourness and well-balanced umami. Those are inebitable condition for sake to be the best partner of foods.