• Okura Honke
  • Kashiba-shi

For Basic plan members
This is a creamy and refreshingly sweet sake like grated fruits.

To get rid of the hardness of sake nouveau, the unique process was taken to produce this label.Normally, moromi is produced with three-stage preparation, but this one was produced with 4 stage-preparation, which makes the taste of sake sweeter and milder.

The first note is complex, which is the mixture of crispiness like young bamboo and slight sweetness like milk. Once sipping it, a glamorous aroma like a Muscat goes throw the nasal vessel and replaces the first note.
The umami and sweetness influenced by rice, sourness and slight astringency spread from the tip of the tongue in order.

Also, there is something soft about this label. This feeling should be largely influenced by a few sake lees. Despite the freshly made sake nouveau, the amazing balance is what you need to drink.

Polish rate:70%
Alcohol content:17%


We collect the most suitable and high-quality brewery rice according to the quality of sake from the whole Japan. The best one we now stick with is our self-growing Hinohikari. We bring out the characteristics by brewing in this unique environment.


We use the natural underground water pulled up from the well in our brewery.


Our specialty is inherited Yamahai method of Tajima Toji for more than 100 years. Besides, we are one of the few breweries have been inheriting the oldest brewery method, Mizumoto, which was born in the 14th century. In our brewery, very strong and high-quality yeasts live and make the taste of sake very special.


We fully use the traditional Yamahai method and produce the full-flavored sake by sticking with “Simplicity and decency make sake the best”. Believe pursuing our original style is the only way to contribute to the people who have been looking after us.