Junmai Daiginjo Type
The graceful but very complex taste, produced with the restored method of 3 centuries ago

This is made by Kimoto method which is non-yeast additive, not the top of that, this is the one fermented by the wooden barrel that sake lovers must check. The colour is bright golden yellow. The first note is the aroma like an orange that you can feel the sourness. The sourness jumps out at the first when you sip it, then the juicy and mellow sweetness and umami spread proportionally.

There is a denseness like an aged orange and a unique melon flavour somewhere in the innermost part. This unique flavour is supposed to change depending on the person who drinks so you should feel it and share to enjoy it!

In the latter half, the slight aftertaste which makes you think of the wooden barrel and ends with the faint slight astringency. Please try the complex, rich and three-dimensional taste by your tongue. You can enjoy the complexity after chilling it and the temperature rises.

Polish rate:90%
Alcohol content:14%


We have 100% shifted to domaine style as for all the ingredients. Through the survey of water quality, we have found out the rice fields sharing the same water source with our brewery and grow the rice by ourselves. We guarantee its rice should be the best marriage.


It is commonly said that yeast defines the key feature of sake's taste. However, we don't want to reply on the power pf yeast, so that ingredients are the most important factors for us. Especially we take the water in center of brewing. The clearness is the feature of our brewery water. Expressing this clearness on the taste of sake is the direction of our brewing.


Processing the law materials is the most important process. Washing and sinking rice is the only process requires human's hands. After this step, we have to leave brewing to nature and human just support their work.


Our ideal brewing is to bring the power of rice out. The attractiveness of sake is sweetness and umami influenced by rice and koji. We are trying to make real rice wine without the power of yeast.