Our mission is to elevate the standard of Sake worldwide. We will try out best to make SAKEMARU BAR as the center of Sake culture in Singapore.

The concept of the bar is as same as SAKEMARU. We offer various types of Sake from all over Japan. Also, most of them are unpasteurized and fresh seasonal ones.

You can enjoy more than 50 different types of Sake in SAKEMARU BAR, and the list is updating each time; moreover, you can taste most of them with Sake flight!! It’s not just regular Sake flight.

You can select what you’d like to drink from the massive list of Sake.
Also, subscribers can enjoy the premium Sake like Juyondai and Isojiman at regular price and all the drinks are 10% off all time!!

We believe the experience is everything. We promise to offer the extreme experience to the customers



Shun X Sakemaru is the sister brand of 割烹 旬水 Kappo Shunsui which is listed in the Michelin guide of Singapore 2018. They import the fresh ingredients from Japan 3 times in a week, and Japanese chef offers decent dishes at a reasonable price.
The owner and chef of SHUN are also very keen on Sake, and they are very passionated to offer Sake pairing. Through the tight collaboration with them, we will offer decent and surprising Sake pairing to the customers.

Red snapper with sour plum source
Machidashuzo Max Daiginjo

Red snapper is the fish we can pair with aromatic Sake. The fruity aroma matches with the unique aroma of red snapper and the dryness finish of Sake and plum source makes the after flavor light and clean.

Mackerel with sesame source
Shichisui Junmaiginjo Omachi

Seasonal Mackerel has a lot of fat and unique flavor. Usually, it’s better to pair with rich Sake with moderate aroma. Shichisui Omachi is aromatic Sake but, we thought the high-grade sweetness of this label elevates the standard of this food to the next level.
By using the original sesame source instead of soy source, the aroma of Sake doesn’t disturb this pairing.

Kohada mixed flavor vegetable with yuzu and miso source
Senkin Classic Omachi

Kohada is full of flavor type of fish. Aromatic Sake emphasizes the fishy smell, so Sake has to be less aroma and a lot of Umami to bring Kohada’s Umami out. This label is produced with the Kimoto method, so the creamy taste matched with the Miso source and wraps Kohada gently.


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