6 Sake Tasting Event|Traditional Method v.s Latest Method


You can try most of all types of Sake made with various brewing methods

*This is a tasting ticket of an event on 20 Mar 7-8pm
*If you’d like to book 2 seats, please purchase 2 tickets

There are so many factors to gives an effect on the taste of Sake. In this time, we focus on the production process of Shubo. Shubo is written 酒母 in Chinese characters. As the letter means, Shubo 酒母 is the mother of Sake. Before starting the actual fermentation, the Sake yeast grows in the tank.
There are several ways to grow yeasts, and the difference makes a variety of taste. Some of you have already known about Kimoto, Yamahai, Sokujo, but nowadays, there is a unique method called “High-Temperature Saccharification Yamahai”. It’s a very long and complicated name, but this method shows us the future of Sake brewing.
In this event, you can taste six types of Sake which brewed by a different method and the founder of SAKEMARU will tell you the difference of brewing methods and its effect on the taste of Sake.



TIME:20 Mar 7 – 8pm

PLACE:5 Koek Road #B1-23 Cuppage Plaza S228796

PRICE:$50 nett(Member $45)

NOTE:Please tell us your name at the entrance

Each Sake around 40ml

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