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This chocolate bar is full of umami and fruity aroma with a creamy mouthfeel

Collaborate with Fossa Chocolate, which is a local chocolate factory; we have produced a particular chocolate bar using the Sake Kasu, which is sake lees off-product of sake brewing.

Made with sake kasu produced in the process of brewing Daiginjo – the highest grade of sake brewed by Asahara Shuzo, this bar is full of umami and fruity aroma with a creamy mouthfeel. The use of natural undeodorized Peruvian cacao butter lends a gentle kiss of cocoa aroma, finishing off with a touch of sea salt flakes for a well balanced delicate bar.

Ingredients: Organic cacao butter from Peru, cane sugar, milk powder, sake kasu, sea salt flakes

Net weight:38g

Scale:7.5cm * 10.7cm

Package : 10 chocolates

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