SAKEMARU SAKE time capsule

SAKE time capsule

Store rare sake in the dorm made by snow at 2nd month after your subscription.

SAKEMARU Mature for 1 year

Original snow aging sake

Mature sake in the dorm as long as you like, then free-deliver the snow aging sake kept in the perfect environment.

SAKEMARU for an anniversary

For an anniversary

Enjoy your own special sake with your precious friends or family.

mature in snow dorm for 1 year

What's the specialty of SNOW DORM

SNOW DORM is natural cold room made with ancestors' wisdom.
Japanese people started to build snow dorms to store meats, vegetables and ice in ancient times. There are several records left that ancient Japanese people used ice which is stored in snow dorm during the hot summer.
North Japan is always covered with snow in winter. The snow piled up like mountain-high never melt up throughout a year even in a hot summer.
It has been scientifically proven as one of the most efficient way to preserve foods. Ancestors are always great!!

More detail

1. Keep low temperature and high humidity

The humidity in SNOW DORM is normally over 70% due to the moisture comes from snow and the temperature is kept blow 0 to 5 degrees throughout the year. This environment is prefect to keep foods and drinks fresh.
On the other hand, the environment of refrigerator is very unsettled due to frequent open and shut and cooling system.

2.No vibration, no light

SNOW DORM is only cooled by natural snow, so that there are neither vibration nor light. Dark and stable environment is necessary to preserve foods and drinks including sake .
Contrary to SNOW DORM, refrigerators keep vibrating due to electricity, and is frequently exposed by lights due to open and shut.
This unstable environment keeps stressing sake, so that refrigerators are not good at preserving long.


SNOW DORM actually gives the positive effect to foods and drinks. The taste tends to be sweeter and milder than fresh ones. The foods tries converting their starch into sugar to accumulate the energy for protecting themselves from cold temperature. Due to this phenomenon, foods tend to be much milder. The taste of SAKE also tends to be richer and milder. The mechanism is scientifically figured out gradually, for example, matured sake in SNOW DORM reduced the aldehyde which gives the negative effect to the aroma more than general ones.
Years maturity in SNOW DORM, aged sake is gradually changing the color to amber, taste to be much more richer and milder.





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